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Infographic: What Can Labiaplasty Do For Me?Board certified Indianapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata specializes in breast surgery and body contouring surtgery and performs all types of cosmetic plastic surgery in Indianapolis, Indiana.

At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, Dr. Joseph Fata understands the sensitivity required when discussing and performing labiaplasty. Dr. Fata has worked hard to become a trusted plastic surgeon for Indiana women considering labiaplasty or any body procedure.

Redundant or excess tissue in the labia minora, which are the inner folds of skin that surround the vagina, is often more than a cosmetic issue. Women considering a labiaplasty often suffer significant discomfort during physical activity, including sex.

Dr. Fata and his staff are committed to helping women address these concerns and live their lives in comfort. A labiaplasty is a valuable technique with a high satisfaction rate when performed by our board-certified plastic surgeon.

If you're an Indiana woman and you're considering plastic surgery of any type, including labiaplasty, you can expect a sensitive, understanding conversation with Dr. Fata at our Indianapolis office. Please call Renaissance Plastic Surgery today at 317-575-9152.

Is a Labiaplasty painful?

Labiaplasty is performed under general anesthesia to help ensure your absolute comfort during surgery. Following the procedure, some bruising and swelling are to be expected, but neither labiaplasty nor its recovery period should be particularly painful. Many women are able to address discomfort with the use of over-the-counter medications and by careful adherence to post-operative instructions. During your follow-up visits, your comfort and progress will be carefully assessed to determine when it will be safe for you to resume all of your normal activities.

How long does a Labiaplasty last?

Labiaplasty can take one to two hours, depending on factors unique to your procedure. As an outpatient procedure, you will be free to leave as soon as you are ready following labiaplasty, but you will need to arrange for a ride home due to the anesthesia.

How can I prepare for my Labiaplasty?

In preparation for labiaplasty, you will be asked to stop taking certain medications, herbs, and supplements. If you are a smoker, you will be asked to quit using tobacco products as well. It is a good idea to create a comfortable area to rest and recover for the first few days following your procedure. Consider having a trusted adult or older child around who can help with basic needs, allowing you to rest completely for the first three to four days following labiaplasty. This helps to ensure you can get the rest you need for the most pleasing recovery experience.


The Labiaplasty Procedure

One of the reasons to choose a board certified plastic surgeon is that you want a doctor with the experience and qualifications to give you the best possible outcome from a labiaplasty.

Dr. Joseph Fata exclusively uses the central wedge technique when performing a labiaplasty. The central wedge approach is more technically challenging than other labiaplasty methods, but it also offers several advantages over the "trim" technique. It preserves the natural boarder and contour of the labia minora, which can never be surgically recreated once it is removed. It gives a shorter and less noticeable scar. Most importantly, it eliminates the dreaded complication of the "amputated" labia.

A central wedge labiaplasty by Dr. Fata has the following steps:

  • First, in a certified outpatient surgery center Dr. Fata will use twilight anesthesia to place you in a relaxed, almost dream-like state. A local anesthesia will be introduced and you will feel no pain or discomfort during the procedure, but you will be conscious and you will be able to respond to the doctor's instructions.
  • A "wedge" of tissue will be removed from both sides of the labia minora.
  • Dissolving stitches will be placed followed by an absorbant dressing.

The central wedge technique has a short recovery period. However, you should plan for three or four days of rest and recovery after your plastic surgery. Sex and some other physical activities, such as bike riding, will be restricted for six weeks after your procedure.

Patient Testimonial

"Dr Fata is Great surgeon with artistic hand . He is meticulous in his expertise of surgery. He cares for his patients. He take all the time necessary to explain procedures, answer questions, and ensure understanding of the pre-op/post-op process and expectations. His team are beyond fabulous. Very friendly and welcoming staff. Donnet is very caring and helpful and make you feel like family. My procedure went very smoothly and I am so happy with result. Thanks for amazing job."

What is recovery like from a Labiaplasty?

Recovery from labiaplasty is relatively short. Some swelling and minor discomfort may be present during the first few days of recovery. Bruising is common but, similar to swelling, will subside over time. Taking time to rest and carefully following all of the pre and post-operative directions provided by our office can help to reduce bruising and swelling and to speed the recovery process. You may be able to resume work and other “normal” activities within five to seven days, though strenuous activities maight need to be delayed for up to four weeks. Activities that place pressure on the labia, such as sexual intercourse or riding a bicycle, may need to be avoided for six weeks to ensure full and proper healing.

What should I expect from my results?

Labiaplasty is designed to improve the contours and comfort of the labia. Dr. Fata utilizes the wedge technique which helps to ensure natural-looking results, allows for a shorter scar, and eliminates the risk of labial amputation. Following labiaplasty, you can expect to have a more attractive vaginal area, enhanced clothing options, greater comfort while working out or even just walking around, and a higher level of sexual confidence. For some women, labiaplasty will also result in enhanced sexual pleasure. The best way to learn what labiaplasty may be able to do for you is through a one-on-one consultation with a qualified, experienced, and board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Joseph Fata.

Dr. Fata will explain everything related to the procedure in greater detail in person. He'll answer all of your questions, address all of your concerns and ensure you are completely comfortable before moving forward with any plastic surgery procedure.

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