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If your nose does not match the proportions of your face, there is a loss of balance and harmony that may make you feel less attractive. If you are self-conscious about the appearance of your nose, a rhinoplasty may be the solution and Indianapolis Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata can help.

What is a Rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty, or nose-surgery, is a plastic surgery procedure in which the bones and cartilage of the nose are reshaped into a more attractive appearance that will complement your other facial features. Your rhinoplasty may include correcting a hump on the bridge of your nose, narrowing, shortening or lengthening your nose, or reshaping the tip of your nose.

Dr. Fata’s philosophy is that each person’s nose is unique and nose surgery is not a "one size fits all" procedure. Your rhinoplasty  surgery will be designed so that you can achieve the most natural appearance. Schedule your rhinoplasty consultation today at our Indianapolis office to begin planning your unique treatment plan: 317-575-9152.

Rhinoplasty Technique

Dr. Fata performs outpatient rhinoplasty, or nose-surgery, at the Carmel Surgery Center in Carmel, Indiana, near his Indianapolis office. Dr. Fata usually recommends a general anesthesia for his patients’ comfort.

A rhinoplasty may be either “closed”, in which all incisions are inside the nose, or “open”, which adds a short incision across the skin between the nostrils. Dr. Fata will incorporate your goals with the specific anatomy of your nose and recommend a combination of techniques tailored to your individual needs.The type of rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, and the specific changes that will be made during your rhinoplasty will be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Fata.

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The most common requests made by Dr. Fata's patients are reduction of the hump on the bridge of the nose, narrowing the nose,  and refining the nasal tip. Some or all of these techniques may be recommended based on the unique characteristics of your nose.

Patient Testimonial

"Dr Fata is Great surgeon with artistic hand . He is meticulous in his expertise of surgery. He cares for his patients .He take all the time necessary to explain procedures, answer questions, and ensure understanding of the pre-op/post-op process and expectations. His team are beyond fabulous . Very friendly and welcoming staff. Donnet is very caring and helpful and make you feel like family. My procedure went very smoothly and I am so happy with result. Thanks for amazing job."

What is recovery like from Nose Surgery?

Discomfort is usually mild and easily relieved with medication. You will have an external dressing on your nose for one week and a small dressing inside your nose, which will be removed one day after your rhinoplasty.

You will experience some swelling and bruising, which begins improving on about the fourth day, and is mostly resolved within two weeks. Nasal breathing is initially decreased because of internal swelling, crusts and stitches from your nose-surgery. This partial nasal obstruction will generally improve over several weeks but may take a little longer.

Most patients take one week off from school or work, but it is possible to return sooner. Your only restrictions will be no heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for two weeks, but contact sports should be avoided for at least six weeks.

Improvement can be seen the first week after your nose surgery, and most of the swelling will resolve in 3-4 weeks except for the nasal tip, which may take a while longer. There will be a subtle, ongoing remodeling process that occurs over several months as your nose becomes more sculpted and refined. The final appearance will declare itself at about one year after surgery.

To assist you as you gather information on the procedure of rhinoplasty, Dr. Fata has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions based on his extensive experience with patients who have had nose surgery.

How much a Rhinoplasty can cost

The total projected cost of nose surgery is about $6,410 based on the time required for a standard rhinoplasty. If you have a deviated nasal septum that needs to be corrected, there will be additional charges. This includes Dr. Fata’s fee, the anesthesiologist and surgery center fee, and all follow-up care by Dr. Fata.

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