Removal & Replacement of Old Breast Implants

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One of the most common questions Dr. Fata gets in a breast augmentation consultation is: How often will I need to replace the implants? It’s an excellent question, but there is no one word answer.

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Evaluating Your Breast Implants

If you had a silicone breast augmentation prior to 1990, you should have a full evaluation, which may include an MRI scan, to determine if there is a leak. The reason is that for the earlier generation of silicone breast implants in place greater than ten years, a high percentage of the silicone breast implants removed have been found to be leaking, even if there were no symptoms.

For everyone else, there is no set time for breast implant replacement, just a few simple rules to follow. You should have regular annual check-ups to look for breast implant leaks and capsular contractures (hardening of scar tissue around the implants). If don’t have either of these two problems and you are satisfied with the appearance of your breasts, then there is no need to replace them.

When Should Breast Implants Be Replaced?

If you do have either a leaking implant or a capsular contracture, you can just replace the affected implant. However, if you want to change breast size or implant type, such as saline to silicone, then you may consider replacing both implants.

It is relatively rare to need to just remove breast implants rather than replace them, but it may be indicated if you had repeated capsular contractures (greater than two) or recurrent infection. Such situations are very infrequent but are possible.

Just continue to have regular check-ups and you can keep the same breast implants as long as none of these problems appear. Although it is not possible to predict how long you will have the same implants, for many women it is quite a long time.

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