Questions about Skin Care Products

Plastic Surgeon Serving Indianapolis, Indiana

Are your skin care products only used for the face?

Although most patients do use our products on the face, they can also be used on the neck, chest, hands or any other area that has been damaged by the sun. The principles of treatment and the expected results should be the same.

What should I expect from your skin care products?

Once you begin our skin care program, you will notice some redness and flaking as you exfoliate and remove the old, damaged skin cells. Soon you will notice an improvement in the texture of your skin, tightening of your pores, softening of some fine lines, and a more even color. Your skin will then enter the maintenance phase, in which the skin care products will be used to maintain the improvements you have already obtained.

What skin problems does your skin care system treat?

Our skin care program is designed to give you healthier and younger looking skin whatever your age, skin type or ethnic background. It specifically treats uneven brown pigmentation from pregnancy, sun damage, age spots, aging skin, smoking damage and some fine wrinkles.

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