The Difference Between Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

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plastic surgery Indianapolis | Cosmetic Surgery IndianaAt Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Indianapolis, Board Certified Indiana Plastic Surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata realizes that some people tend to use the terms “plastic surgery” and “cosmetic surgery” interchangeably.

But when you’re looking to make an aesthetic change, it’s important to speak knowledgably about your needs and expectations, which is why Dr. Fata would like to be clear with his patients and prospective patients about the clear differences between cosmetic surgery and procedures, and plastic or reconstructive surgery.

When you need a surgeon in Indianapolis, Indiana who is ABPS Board Certified and has the training and experience to skillfully manage either cosmetic surgery or reconstructive plastic surgery, please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery online or call our practice directly at 317-575-9152to schedule your consultation with Dr. Fata.

Your Distinct Physical and Aesthetic Needs

To be sure, the term “cosmetic surgery” refers to elective medical procedures and techniques with the sole intent and purpose of furthering a patient’s aesthetic goals. Skilled surgeons can perform cosmetic surgery on the face, neck, breast or chest, and body, with the intent always being to make a cosmetic update as opposed to a necessary physical reconstruction.

On the other hand, plastic surgery is a medical specialty devoted to rebuilding and restoring areas of the face or body that are flawed or fail to function properly due to a birth defect, disease, serious burn, accident or a similarly destructive trauma. This type of surgery is designed to correct physical dysfunctions, and promotes techniques that reconstruct physical form and function.

Oftentimes, a patient’s aesthetic goals and needs dictate that a surgeon employ techniques that are both cosmetic and reconstructive. That’s when you want an Indiana plastic surgeon with Dr. Fata’s high-level skill and insight.

You can trust Dr. Fata to recommend the right procedure for you, regardless of whether it’s a non-surgical treatment, cosmetic surgery or reconstructive plastic surgery, thanks in part to his membership in or certification from the following medical organizations:

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Once you're done your homework, you'll realize why Dr. Fata is one of the most respected surgeons in Indianapolis, Indiana, and has been featured as one of the city’s “Top Docs” by Indianapolis Monthly magazine.

Surgical Skill You Deserve

When you need a plastic surgeon in Indianapolis, Indiana who also has the training, insight and artistic sensitivity to skillfully manage your cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery procedure, please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery online or by telephone to schedule your consultation with Dr. Fata: 317-575-9152.