What Are The Risks Of Breast Augmentation

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Transcript: Every surgical procedure carries some form of risk and breast augmentation is no exception. But fortunately, the risks associated with it are quite uncommon.

General risks, ones that would be seen with any surgical procedure, include issues with the anesthesia, bleeding, infection, or problems with healing and scars. More specific to breast augmentation, there’s a small chance of some loss of sensation of the skin of the breast, and also the long-term risks of either a leak or a hardening of scar tissue, called a contracture, both of which are quite uncommon.

Fortunately, our implant company offers warranties that will cover most of the costs of correcting any long-term problems. I’m Dr. Joseph Fata. To schedule a consultation, call our office at 317-575-9152 or visit our website at www.RenPlastics.com.